From the Desk of Mark Jewell.

Did someone say, “Is winter upon us?” Well, after these last several weeks, I think that answer is pretty clear.

Due to the inclement weather, unsurprisingly our numbers were down a bit for our information seminar held at Cockburn Community Centre on the 31st of July. That said, the quality of the questions and the participation from those who attended was fantastic and pleasingly, a few more homes were snapped up from both villages.

With over 50% of the Mandurah Village now being taken up, our Haynes Village is starting to gain greater traction. With the increased interest, applications are now coming in from the early birds wanting to secure their home on their preferred site and lock in their rents – which really makes sense.

As always, if you would prefer to chat with me at your home or a coffee shop, rather than attend one of our seminars, I am more than happy to make a time to meet and discuss any questions.

I love getting out and about, so any excuse to have the chance to leave my computer screen and talk to people face-to-face is a welcome pleasure for me!

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Project Update

By Brenton Downing

Over the past month, we have continued to work through the Development Approval pre-conditions that need to be met prior to construction commencing at both Providence Mandurah, and Providence Haynes.

At Providence Mandurah, a clearing permit was obtained in late July which will allow the clearing of vegetation when construction is ready to commence. We are currently reviewing the scope of the project and deciding whether it will include an expansion into the adjoining property, before obtaining an updated cost estimate from our builder which will be required for our construction funding.

At Providence Haynes, we are progressing the amalgamation of the two Certificates Of Title that the project is located on which is required prior to site works commencing. Additionally, we are currently reviewing the offering to ensure that the variety of homes is in line with the Expressions Of Interest made by our customers.

Both projects are in a strong position with Development Approvals in hand while we are working through the pre-condition approvals and detailed design work required before construction can commence.

Operations Update

By John Green

Thank you to all the people who have booked sites, submitted their applications, and paid their deposits. It is great to see the numbers growing each day!

Please remember that the application process does take a little time, so if you’re still waiting for us to get to you, there is no need to stress – it’s simply because our detailed process includes us coming to visit you at your existing house before we can approve your application.

Believe it or not, some of the delays in processing your applications has been because our senior applications processer was called away on jury duty. Thankfully their civic duty is now complete, and we will soon be back on track.

It’s important to us that we have the right people in our communities. By taking the time to meet you in your home, we want to make sure this decision is right for you – both from a lifestyle, and financial perspective. Plus, it also gives us the opportunity to answer all your questions about village life and how it works so you know that it’s right for you too.

We know from experience that having the right residents coupled with excellent, well managed facilities is the key to a great community and a positive experience for everyone in the village.

As always, if you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Information in this article is true and correct as of 11 August 2021.