Providence Lifestyle Vision and Values

Our Vision

We create safe, social and sustainable residential resorts with fabulous facilities and experienced management facilitating physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Heart We care We act with integrity, trust and respect, looking for fair outcomes for all stakeholders, and acknowledge mistakes so that we can learn and grow.
  • Responsible We reflect, then act We trust ourselves and our colleagues to respond appropriately, reflecting on our vision and values when making decisions..
  • Balanced We view life holistically We value, protect and care for the balance we all need between family, spirit, work, exercise and fun.
  • Inspired We are innovative We value ideas, innovation and creativity, are passionate about what we do and we don’t mind questioning the status quo to be courageous.
  • Accountable We step up We are responsible for the creation of our experiences; we hold people accountable without assigning blame and strive to make choices from love instead of fear.
  • Social It’s all about people Enriching communities are developed by people who care about people. Providence Lifestyle supports a culture of innovation and growth in an inclusive, safe, friendly, healthy and engaging environment where relationships are nurtured and people
    have fun.
  • Economic The money has to make sense Providence Lifestyle provides value for money lifestyle choices for residents. By successfully delivering value, it provides sustainable financial reward for all stakeholders.
  • Environmental We are custodians Providence Lifestyle cares for the broader environment. Everything we do considers the environment we share. We are at the forefront of introducing ways to reduce our ecological footprint and create a better world for our children to inherit.
  • Governance We make it real with good care Providence Lifestyle applies strategies to ensure that good governance is applied in all decision making to ensure our commitment to social, environmental and financial outcomes are delivered.
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